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2010 polaris sportsman how-to-build snorkel

i recently purchased a 2010 polaris sportsman 550 and i'd like to put a snorkel on it for christmas, but i want to do it myself with pipe from home depot but i don't know how to make and install it myself. yes, i know some of you will say to buy one offline but i don't want to. i want it to be something i have done for myself by myself, if you find a way online or know how to make and install one please reply to this post. NO SPAM!

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Posted 2010-11-25T17:20:49+0000  by elitegamer720 elitegamer720

The photos of snorkle kits look like this.


The photos of the external stack on this kit appears to be metal, but most appear to be 2.5 inch PVC. The adapters to the airbox appear to be flex hose, elbows, clamps and my favorite engineering tool Duct Tape.


As an old aircraft mechanic I have to believe that you can assemble a water tight breather stack as long as you do not restrict air flow. HD has the pieces shown in these photos in their plumbing area. Look for a way to include a brace where the breather tube fits through the body.

Posted 2010-11-26T16:29:42+0000  by Glide2Fly

Hey elitegamer720,


Welcome to the community. I have to admit that I never expected such an unusual question on the board, but it's a very cool project. I built a snorkel like this for my old CJ-7 years ago. I did it almost the same way the pictures Glide2Fly linked to. I used cardboard to mock up the length, angles and bends. Then I took that into the store to buy the PVC pieces I needed. The challenging parts were finding a piece to fit snugly to the air box so I didn't have to worry about hydro lock, and finding a way to keep the airflow from being restricted too much.  I walked the plumbing isle and got all the inspiration I needed. 


On a side note, once you build the snorkel remember to buy some hose and extend those differential, transmission and crank case vents. You have to waterproof everything, or the snorkel will just look cool, but wont be functional. :) I'd recommend a Polaris ATV specific forum for those modifications. 


Good luck with your project and keep us posted on your DIY/Offroad adventures. 

Posted 2010-11-26T18:20:36+0000  by HomeDepotRyan
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