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2016 Black Friday Moments

At first light on “Black Friday” customers were already lined up outside the door anxiously awaiting the opening of the West Roxbury, Ma Home Depot. The deals and incredible buys throughout the store were such an incentive to be up and out, and ready to shop at 5 A.M.

I spent my opening moments greeting and assisting customer with flyers, directions, offering coffee and early morning sweets, and rolling out cart after cart of the fabulous “Black Friday” poinsettias.

Year after year I am amazed at the dedication, and the tradition of so many customers who start their holiday shopping with us! The Home Depot offers such immense savings on the basic, purest, fundamental holiday accents…wreaths, roping, and poinsettias.

I love listening to customers as they gather their poinsettias, chatting about “getting up early” …” what a wonderful deal” …” I can put a poinsettia in every room of my house”! A lovely family outside said “we do this every year”, as they picked out their red bow wreaths, “I love the smell of Christmas, and the smell of a sweet deal” the mom said.

A long time garden customer puts his dozen red, potted poinsettias on his interior staircase, making a beautiful, sweeping holiday statement…. he has come every year, “this is the start of the holiday season for me, placing these poinsettias on the stairs” “I will be back next week for the tree”, he always says.

Ken, a Pro Desk customer, brought some of his workers with him, they each bought their allotted dozen plants, and then they were off to a local nursing home to donate the potted holiday gems…. “the poinsettias brighten up the place and everyone’s spirits too”, Ken said….. Now that is a wonderful holiday tradition!

Two wonderful women from a condo association came in and combined their dozens of “only white” poinsettias to decorate and grace the halls, and lobby, of their condominiums common areas.

I know that Home Depot had so many “Black Friday” specials in every department, but for this garden associate it was all about the green side of the day…. meaning: helping with Christmas trees, wreaths, roping, garden urns that are stuffed with branches and greens, tins with tiny living trees, lights, ornaments, holiday décor, boxed amaryllis, and the almighty Poinsettia!

Black Friday brought so many early customers that shared the glory of the day! Shoppers left with carriages full of holiday cheer, making spirits bright, smiling all the way!


Best of the season to all, Maureen

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Posted 2016-11-29T16:27:25+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS