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2017 November Kids Workshop

Building together is the objective of the Kids Workshop at your local Home Depot. Building a connections with the community, with families and building friendships along with a great, fun project is the true outcome of the workshops.

The workshops are scheduled the first Saturday of each month in every Home Depot across the nation. The workshop begins with a parade of children; brothers and sisters, cousins, classmates, and some children come right off the soccer field, cleats and all, the children must be accompanied by an adult…everyone enjoys the time spent together!

The November workshop project, a tribute to our veterans. The kids built a Humvee complete with camouflage stickers topped off with an American flag sticker that sits on the roof of the wooden vehicle. Glue was slathered and the tiny hammers pounded away to create the sleek military vehicle…the kids were pumped!

“I am glad it is not a turkey project, I thought it might be about thanksgiving” one little guy told his dad…”it is about thanksgiving, remembering and giving thanks to our soldiers” the mum piped in.....(:

One little lady wanted to put the American flag on from the start of the project it was the most important piece to her.

Thank you to our troops for defending our country, and Happy Veterans Day to one and all in our military, past and present, who have protected us, and protected our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Happiness was all around the West Roxbury Home Depot on November 4th!



Happy Veterans Day, a salute and thank you to all our veterans!  Maureen




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