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2017 October Kids Workshop: Save/Give

Fire safety is always the theme of the Home DepotKids Workshop, in October, because October is Fire Safety month. In years past the KW project has been the perfectly iconic, wooden fire truck. The first Saturday in October of 2017, brought a heartfelt fire safety project; the kit contain the makings of a firehouse bank.

The firehouse bank has two slots one labeled for “saving”, the other labeled for “giving”. One firehouse, two compartments, and built by these tiny humanitarians, I was amazed that all the children were so aware of the giving compartment, “that side is to donate” one little man told me.

The children and parents worked together to assemble the firehouses. Families of all sizes come to the workshop each month, some families with one parent one child, some families, one parent many children….all waiting their turn for instruction. Grandparents love to escort their grandkids to the workshop, generations sitting together to build a tiny project, a tiny project with a big impact.

This Kids Workshop project started conversations about giving and donating, and being generous. They may be children but they are also aware of the people and families that have lost their homes in the hurricanes and the earthquakes that have cause such major destruction and devastation in our world. These children are conscious of “First Responders”, terminology that did not exist when I was a child, kids hear more because we hear more, and technology brings events closer and earlier to us, than ever before.

There is a total sense of family and community at these workshops, the first Saturday of every month is the date to save, put it on the calendar: Kids Workshop, Home Depot, 9:00-12:00, every Home Depot, in every state, holds the workshop, rain or shine!

The Kids Workshop projects are great! The kids create something fun and functional; but what is produced at these workshops is something that cannot be held in a hand; patience and sharing, there is joy and excitement when building the project, pride and a sense of accomplishment when it is completed.

The take away from the October 2017 Kids Workshop had all of the above but also had a bit more, these kids left carrying a bit of hope to help someone in need, they left knowing the importance helping each other, it is second nature to them, no question.

These tiny builders are constructing a world where giving is always a part of living!

Bring all your favorite little people to your local Home Depot Kids Workshop……..Give Time and.... Save great Memories.         Maureen




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