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29 1/2in x 80i Interior Pre-Hung 6 panel door

I have an white interior 6  panel pre hung door that was damaged and now it needs replaced. The door measures 29 1/2inches X 80inches tall... I have looked at a couple retail stores and none seem to have this unique "size" door, more specifically the 29 1/2 in. part of the door. Is this a custom order door? Where can I order this door from?

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Posted 2013-01-29T23:38:35+0000  by jesse2694 jesse2694

Hi Jesse2694, welcome to the community and glad you joined. Well you have a common issue with pre-hung doors.

You can order a 29 ½ inch door with the door knob cut out and hinge cut outs from your local Home Depot. This is the more expensive way to replace the door.


You can buy a 30 inch door and remove ¼ inch on each long side of the door. This is doable if you have the right type of saw, preferably a table saw.


Last you can purchase a new pre-hung door. This is the least expensive way. You take the casing off from around your door, then use a reciprocating saw or circular saw, slip the saw blade between the wall and the door jam. Cut the nails or screws holding the door, and then tilt the door to remove.


Next place the new pre-hung door in the frame opening. Now square up the jam to the top and side to side and place shims between the door and wall. Check the door using a level to make sure the door is plumb. Nail the jam with finish nails. Install the casing, then the door knob.  Here is a link that has a video on door installation that will show you the tools, tips, and tricks to hanging an interior door.


Posted 2013-01-31T23:17:15+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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