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3 Quick Ways to Bring Bling to Your Backyard

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With spring already underway, the thoughts of planting a garden, getting out the grill and mowing the lawn are a present reality.  After a long hard winter, consider adding some bling to your outdoor living area to help you enjoy the space all season long.


Install a Water Feature


birdbath or water fountain can be a source of delight in the backyard.  The soothing splashes (and the negative ions they create) can bring a calming influence.  Include a unique water feature that fits your décor or adds visual interest.  Some fountains now have LED lighting options and the ability to add plants, which can bring a decorating advantage in small spaces.


Be sure to check the water levels daily – especially in the middle of summer when evaporation is greatest.  Include mosquito controls to stop unwanted pests from spoiling your restful environment. 



Select Unique Pots, Planters and Containers


Consider adding a small planter on wheels for the kids to grow cherry tomatoes.  They can move the growing box close to the patio and easily enjoy the fruits of their labor while your larger garden plot feeds the rest of the family.  Some growing boxes have tall legs so those with limited mobility can also enjoy gardening.  If your backyard does not have the correct amount of sunlight for your plants, consider showcasing them in hanging baskets on a movable planter and literally take them where they need to be.  Small spaces can produce great harvests with a pyramid or a multi-level planter.  Cover up your deck rail with flowers, herbs or vegetables.  Add a touch of color with garden stools that complement large plant containers. 



Add Garden  Art


It is quite common to add a statue in a quiet reflective garden space to encourage restful and peaceful thoughts.  But I challenge you to add a touch of whimsy! 

Consider adding a face to your tree as an element of surprise.  Include a small windmill to the vegetable garden to provide a make-shift trellis for climbing vines and help keep aerial pests away.  Add a thought provoking statue- something more exotic that the usual turtles and rabbits.

If you are a gnome-lover – put the little fellow to work with a solar light feature.  If you want to host a memorable party, simply invite several dozen flamingoes!  Let your guests “adopt a bird.”  Be sure to include instructions for proper maintenance in their new home.  You will be the hit of the party - and the social media photos will be unforgettable!



How do you bring excitement to your backyard?  I would love to hear your plans and look forward to seeing photos of your great outdoors.

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