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3 Way Dimmer (not working when 3 way toggle is in off position)


Lutron Maestro MACL-153M (Switch A)

Blue Screw = White wire (confirmed continuity to red wire)

Gold Screw = Red wire (confirmed continuity to white wire)

Black Screw = Black wire (confirmed source of line/power)

Green Screw = Ground

Rocker 3 way (Switch B)

Green Screw (Top) = Ground

Gold Screw (Top) = White (have also swapping this with Red wire position same behavior)

Gold Screw (Bottom) = Red (have also swapped this with White wire position same behavior)

Black Screw (Bottom) = Black wire (load wire)

Scenarios not working properly

1] Switch B is in off position, power is dropped to Switch A (switch does not function)

2] Switch B in on position: there is a delay for the dimmer to actual bring up the light source.(when switch B is turned on) , not slow as ramping up but just timing delayed to the action on the switch to when it turns on at the last known power level.

Scenarios working:

1] Switch B in On position: Dimmer adjusts and turns on/off 

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Posted 2015-07-12T17:20:55+0000  by spreckoak spreckoak
Is this a new installation or it's been working for a while and suddenly started acting up?

If new, replace the toggle switch with the compatible Maestro companion dimmer.

If old, replace the dimmer (I'd also add the appropriate companion as well).
Posted 2015-07-12T23:04:15+0000  by Adam444
Hello spreckoak.  Welcome to the Community!

From your description, it appears that you have not wired your 3 way dimmer correctly.
Please refer to either the instruction sheet that came with your dimmer, or this web page:

Since I think you are retaining the original 3 way switch on the other side, the wiring should look like this:

Note the RED arrow I placed on this diagram.  There is a connection shown that you have not mentioned.  

Also, I have included below the programming step 9 you will want to do after the wiring is straightened out:



Posted 2015-07-14T15:53:06+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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