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3-way Illuminated Switch

I have a 3-way illuminated switch, Cooper, that I now want to use as a single switch, no other switches on the circuit. How do I wire it?

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Posted 2011-06-04T14:17:13+0000  by Targhee Targhee

Hey Targhee,


Welcome to the community, and thanks for your switch question!


Depending on what specifc model/make of your 3-way is, I wouldn't be able to say whether or not that it could be wired up as a single pole switch without seeing or knowing the switch. Reasons for that is most brands make their screw terminals specifically for 3-day or single pole and can't be manipulated either way. However, there are some that can be, and on the back of your switch there usually is a wire diagram that will state if it can be done. 


If not, simply pick up an illuminated switch at your local store in single pole.


Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2011-06-04T16:17:40+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Ahh, it's a Cooper Decorator Lighted switch.


Catalog Number7511, 7513
Wiring TypeSingle Pole, 3-Way
Rating15A 120/277V

Posted 2011-06-04T21:42:06+0000  by Targhee

Hey Targhee.


My first bit of advise is to kill the circuit breaker to anything that you are working on.

As long as you want to use the 2nd switch on the circuit then the solution is simple.


it is currently wired like this


1 st switch------------white wire-----------2 nd switch--------------white wire --------------light fixture

                   I------------black wire-----------------I------------------------black wire--------------I


                   I--------------red wire------------------I


There is a red wire going from 1 switch to the other. You will disconnect this wire from both switches and put a wire nut cap over both ends of it.  There is a black, white and bare copper ground going to the first switch (not on my diagram)  to the second light switch. You need to totally disconnect the first switch and then connect the white to white, black to black and ground to ground with wire nuts. Then replace the other 3 way switch with a single pole switch. Then you are done and all that is left is to get a blank cover and cover up where the 1st switch was.


It will not be as simple if you want to use the 1st switch, for you will need to use the switch that is connected directly to the light. When in doubt hire a licensed electrician.



Posted 2011-06-05T17:36:27+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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