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3 way switch

My current situation is that I've replaced both switches with the basic rocker switch.  The lights will turn on if both are on.  If one is off switching the other one to the other position has no effect.  I think I've tried the various combinations of travel wires in the gold terminals.  I've got the hot wire on both attached to the black.  Is this just a case of needing to get the gold terminals in the right order?  Or do I need a different switch?  They are labeled as 3 way.  The wiring diagrams are a bit hard to read.  But the only info I really have is that one is hot and the two wires are not, I have not knowledge of the internal wiring.  On one it seemed that there was another one that caused the meter to do a slow beep.  
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Posted 2017-08-21T14:48:36+0000  by dupdup7833 dupdup7833
The best solution, since you say you have no knowledge of wiring, is probably to bring in a licensed electrician.  Three-way circuits don't have "hot" wires in the way that most people think of a "hot" wire because that can change depending on the position switches.  Very basically power comes in and is connected to the common terminal of one of the switches, from there is travels to the other switch on one of the two "traveler" wires, from there it goes up to the light fixture on the wire connected to the common terminal.

From what you describe, I would suspect that you have a traveler connected to a common terminal.   It doesn't matter which traveler is connected to which brass (gold) screw.

There are plenty of online diagrams that show how three-way switches are wired but the challenge is knowing how your home is wired. 
Posted 2017-08-21T23:57:24+0000  by Adam444
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