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30 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have



Whether you are a dedicated DIYer or just need a hammer to help hang up artwork, having the right tools to get the job done is essential when taking on any home improvement project. No matter what your skill set, below is a list of 30 tools every homeowner should have. Not ready to buy all these tools just yet? Remember, tool rental is available at The Home Depot. 



1. Adjustable Wrench

You'll use an adjustable wrench to remove nuts and bolts. Also great for plumbing fittings.



2. Carpenter's Level


Using a level to find straight lines and plumb sections of framing.  Very useful for all types of  building projects.



3. Caulking Gun

Anytime caulk or adhesives are in a tube form, a caulking gun is needed to apply them effectively.

160:20 Caulk Gun



4. Chalk Line

A chalk line makes long straight lines. This is essential for any laying out of any home project.




5. Circular Saw

Use a circular saw to cut lumber and plywood. Great for building and removal work.



6. Combination Square


A combination square allows you to mark boards for crosscutting.

7. Compass


These are extremely useful when scribing the cut line for flooring you lay next to the wall. It's also great for marking holes for cuts.

7-1/4 in. Precision Pencil Compass



8. Coping Saw


This saw is needed so you can correctly cut molding at inside corners. Ones with carbide blades can cut curves in tile.


9. Cordless Drill/Driver


A cordless drill keeps the workplace free of extension cords. Use it for drilling holes and driving screws.




10. Diagonal Cutters


Great for cutting electrical wiring when needed. Always work with unenergized wires before starting any electrical job.

7 in. Diagonal Cutting Pliers


11.Framing Square


Use this tool to square large framing members.

16 in. x 24 in. Steel Framing Square


12. Groove-Joint Pliers


This tool can grip pipes and fittings or loosen connections when removing fixtures.

12 in. Groove Joint Pliers

13. Hacksaw


A full-size hacksaw can cut pipes and helps in removing rusted fittings and old sections of pipe and conduit.


14. Hacksaw-Mini



Use this smaller hacksaw to cut in tight areas. Most use the same full-size blades as well as shorter cutting blades.


15. Hole Saw


Use this with the cordless drill to bore big holes in wood and other materials.

4-1/2 in. Hole Dozer Hole Saw



16. Jigsaw


This saw is used for cutting access panels, flooring, and holes for a sink, among other projects.


17. Layout Square


A layout square does many of the same things as a framing square and can serve as a guide when crosscuttng with a circular saw.

Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool


18. Magnetic Sleeve and Screwdriver Bits


Use these with your cordless drill/driver. The magnetic tip holds the screw, and the sleeve slides down over it to hold it steady for driving.



19. Miter Box


For cutting miters in trim, you'll need either a miter box or a power mitersaw.

Deluxe Miter Box with Saw

20. Nail Set


You'll find a nail set handy for driving finishing nails below the surface for moldings.

1/32 in., 2/32 in., 3/32 in. Bi-Material Nail Set (3-Piece)


21. Plumb Bob


A plumb bob hangs at the end of a line and provides a vertical reference.

8 oz. Brass Plumb Bob


22. Trigger Clamp


These clamps quickly tighten with one hand-a real advantage. You can choose from several sizes to hold securely whatever pipe, wood, or material you are working on.


23. Spade Bits


These bits bore through holes through framing or subflooring for pipes and cables.

Daredevil 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 5/8 in., 3/4 in., 7/8 in., 1 in. Spade Bit Set (6-Piece)



24. Stud Finder


This handy tool will locate studs in the walls. Get one that locates the stud by sensing its density, not the presence of nails.

StudSensor e50


25. T-Bevel


Use a T-bevel to transfer angles from one surface to another.

8 in. Sliding Digital T-Bevel


26. Tape Measure


A tape measure is a compact ruler made for all measuring tasks. A great size for almost all projects is 25 feet in length and 1 inch wide.

27. Toolbox Handsaw


A toolbox handsaw packs a lot of cutting power into a compact size and makes quick work of cutting things down to size.

28. Torpedo Level


Use a torpedo level where a carpenter's level won't fit.

True Blue 9 in. Professional Torpedo Level

29. Utility Knife


This handy knife does everything from sharpening pencils to cutting drywall.

Classic Retractable Blade Knife

30. Framing Hammer


A framing hammer, particularly the 16 oz size, is essential. It's heavy enough to drive framing nails yet light enough to do trim work.



Based on your project, this list may not complete all your tool needs. However, these are the basic tools essential for any homeowner.


Let us know what your essential tools are! We'd love to hear from you.



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Posted 2015-09-14T18:53:33+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL
Hey Joe.  Nice list.

I must admit that even though I am a big fan of cordless drills and screwdrivers that the simple hand tools are the ones I use most.

No home should be without a small set of screwdrivers like this one:

The larger slotted and phillips screwdrivers are right up there with a utility knife as my most often used tools.



Posted 2015-09-18T15:50:01+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
good one .. 
Posted 2018-09-06T10:52:09+0000  by robbie22
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