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4 Easy Care Plants for College Dorms



Boston and Cambridge are the mecca of educational institutions in the nation, if not the world!


Parents from all corners of the globe are escorting their children into Boston and Cambridge and are helping them move into dorms and apartments throughout the cities. Moving vans and U-Hauls jam up streets and cause traffic nightmares until after Labor Day.


It is an exciting time for students; exciting and traumatic for parents. Leaving a child in a new city, for parents, is very emotional. Parents are happy and proud that their child, now and adult, has made it to this threshold of their young life, but saying goodbye can be hard for some parents.


I meet many parents, and new student residence of Boston, in the aisles of the West Roxbury Home Depot. They are seeking space saving, and comfort things for their dorms, and tiny apartments.


One dad was on the quest for a solution for bathroom storage “four college girls, one bathroom, a tiny medicine cabinet….how is that going to work”?  I took him to the aisle with: over the toilet storage shelving units. The sound of a deep relaxed sigh came for within him….ahhh, “this will work” he said!


His college bound daughter found us while he contemplated which shelving unit would give the dorm mates the maxim storage space; she had a table lamp in her arms and the mom hugged an area rug. Everything was coming together!


I asked them if they needed help finding anything else, that question seemed totally open ended by the father’s facial expression. “How about a plant” I asked, “there is always room for plant”!


Without hesitation we all walked to our houseplant section, I gave them my suggestions on the easiest plants to maintain and keep happy. The daughter seemed excited to take on the role of caregiver to a four inch potted friend, the dad said he was going to call her to check and make sure she was watering. (I think he loved the excuse of watering to give him cause, and one more excuse for keeping in contact.)


I helped them with a pretty planter and saucer, I told the new Bostonian if she had any other questions, or need anything else for the dorm to come see us at The Home Depot, we are here to help.


It was just a few items that I helped this family with, and maybe a little plant advice; but it was the reassurance that if she needed anything else we were there for her, that was the dads greatest take away.


 I know that the very anxious dad that walked into the Home Depot, was walking out a bit less stressed because he found his daughter a little bit of home, in our aisles.


Bring a plant to your favorite student, a little nurturing goes a long,long way……miles and miles in fact.


Welcome to all the new college students, and good luck to all their parents!    Maureen


4 Easy Care Plants:


1. Sansevieria/Snake plant, Requires: low light, thorough watering once every 10 day-14 days, and feed every 3-6 months. These plant require minimal care, will survive on neglect and keep growing, also Sansevieria are great air purifiers, will help clear tiny dorm rooms of toxins



2. Pothos:  Requires: low to medium light, water once a week thoroughly, feed every 3 months. This guy is very easy to grow! It is the best plant to start with, and have great success, it will vine and cascade and look like you know what you are doing.



3. Jade Plant: Requires: bright light, sandy potting mix for fast draining, feed every 6 months. This is a hardy, sun loving west window plant, it will survive with little attention and little water, the only thing it hates is a cold drafty window sill. New plants can be started easily from shoots off the mature plant simply stuck into a pot of new soil and water.



4. Spathaphyllum Peace Lily Petite: Requires low light, regular watering every 5-7 days, feeding once a month. This lovely little plant needs a bit more attention than the rest on the list, but so worth it. If you forget to water it, it will let you know by flopping right down, a good watering will revive it, but it will show sign of infrequent watering with dried brown margins on the edge of the leaves, so take care of it and it will last for years and years!


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