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4Sevens Flashlights at The Home Depot


4Sevens products are currently available as online only items



Impact drivers, jamb saws, drills, routers, circular saws, well the list goes on. All of these great tools are limited in usefulness if you can't see what you are doing with them. Which is why we are excited to offer a premium line of flashlights from 4Sevens. All new 4Sevens flashlights are currently equipped with CREE S2 LED's which are currently the highest flux LEDs on the market. Translating out of nerd-speak, that means that you will get the most brightness or runtime out of your batteries with this LED. 


All of the 4Sevens flashlights that we offer are multi-mode. With the "Tactical" lights even having a user programmable interface. 



Quark AA2:


  • Runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Maximum light output 177 lumens for 42 minutes (digitally regulated)
  • Maximum runtime 1277 hours on moonlight mode 0.6 lumens! (that is 53 days!)
  • Barely bigger than the single AAA cell that powers it
  • Max output 60 lumens for 37 minutes
  • Max runtime 2 lumens for 23 hours 
You can check out our 4Sevens lineup HERE

If you have any questions about the new lineup please feel free to ask!



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