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5 Types of Accent Lighting

Whether you want to create a mood or simply just give a little more light to a certain space, accent lighting is a great solution. To really give yourself a focal point or even muted atmosphere to a room, choosing the right type of accent lighting is just as important. The following 5 types of lighting solutions will give you the style and exact type of lighting you'll want. Some can have features like dimming to further create an ambiance not found in task or general overhead lighting. Always look for these features before committing to a fixture. Be aware that some types may require hard-wiring and/or special installation techniques. Always consult a licensed electrician in your area if you are unsure to install them.

1. Ribbon/Tape  LED Lighting

This type of accent lighting is one of the newest in the industry. Since its LED, its small shape can be placed in small or tight spaces where some fixtures wouldn't normally go. One great aspect of ribbon lighting is that it can highlight things that a normal task light couldn't achieve properly, like a shoe shelf.

Some LED strip lighting also comes in various color-changing forms, so you can choose almost any color of lighting to set the right mood. A good example of this is the Friends of Hue LED LIght Strip by Philips, shown below. Click here for more information.

2. Rope Lighting

Commercial Electric 18 ft. White LED Rope Light Kit

An older, but still effective version of LED tape/ribbon lighting is what is shown above...the rope light. You typically see these in a softer white incandescent based or the LED version in a brighter white.

What separates them from their thinner tape/ribbon counterparts is the fact that they are somewhat larger and have more protection on them.

This means that they can hold up better if installed somewhere where will be exposed. And since they have been around for a long time, you'll generally find the price lower than any other ribbon-style lighting solution.

Also, some versions can be placed outdoors, provided the plug source is out of the elements.

3. Puck (aka undercabinet) Lighting

Irradiant 4-Light 120-Volt Black Under Cabinet Xenon Puck Light Kit

Another great choice of giving light to a small area is shown above, puck-style lighting. These used to come in only halogen, which lots of consumers still think is the only option. Since halogen produces a lot of heat and isn't energy-efficient, great advancements have been made to have these with a Xenon or LED-based light source. While most versions are plug-in, some require wiring, and to hide the wires, you'll most likely need to drill holes into cabinets or shelves where they will be placed for a cleaner look.

4. Undercabinet Strip/Bar Lighting

Juno Pro-Series 9 in. Black Halogen Under Cabinet Light

This type of lighting is typically the most available and most thought of when it comes to illuminating a certain area. These are always perennial favorites for lighting up kitchen work areas near a sink or a workbench in the shop. You can get these typically in lengths as short as 9 to 48 inches in length, which gives you a lot of choices. Just like their other counterparts, they can be low profile, so you only see the light...not the fixture. And like the other types, you can usually get them in newer LED technology.

5. Pendant Lighting

The last, and most 'visible' of accent lighting is the pendant light. The last few years have really seen an increase in popularity with this style of light. Since it's available in different styles and finishes, its up to you to pick the one that best fits your taste. While it can be said that a good bit of pendants can light up a large area, they are usually relegated to bars, breakfast nook, or kitchen islands to highlight that space. And like the image shows above, you can choose them in Edison-style old-fashioned bulbs to give the area a warm atmosphere.

These are just 5 of the main accent lighting we carry in-store and here online. Be aware that there are other solutions, like recessed lighting that can give light to certain areas of your room. Always plan and know where exactly your new lighting fixtures will go. And as always, only work with unenergized wires before continuing any electrical project. 

Let us know if we can assist you with any other lighting questions you may have,


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