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Gift Ideas

50 Ways to Keep Your Lover (Home Depot Style)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Okay I know that I am a week early but some of these gifts may require you to pick up, order ahead, prepare, plan, or otherwise get ready for the BIG day.  You will surprise your Valentine (and maybe yourself!) with these loving ideas for your special someone.


 Alone Now.PNG

I think we’re alone now
Keep your Valentine safe and all to yourself.  Install a home security system, add a dead bolt, replace outdoor motion sensors, update your smoke and CO detectors, and re-key the locks.



Just you and me.PNG

It’s just you and me

Once safe inside, close your privacy window treatments and turn the lights down low with remote controls for blinds, ceiling fans, and lights.



Love in the air.PNG

Love is in the air
Keep your sweetie warm and toasty all winter long with a portable heater, add extra insulation for extra warmth (and energy savings), enjoy a warmer room with a ductless HVAC system, keep your tootsies warm with a foot warmer mat, and don’t forget the crackle of a romantic fireplace.


Man Heart.PNG

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (works for ladies too!)
Nothing tastes better than home cooking and our small appliance selection will get you off to a fast start.  Get romantic with a heart-shaped waffle maker.  Sports fans who love to grill will need matching apron and glove. 


Sweets sweet.PNG

Sweets for the sweet
Give your sweetie some extra sugar with specialty appliances that make doughnuts, cotton candy, popcorn – and she will love her very own chocolate fountain!



Coffee Tea Me.PNG

Coffee, tea, or me?
Programmable appliances will have things ready and waiting for you.  Add a cooler or mini-frig to your special room.  Wine chillers keep your vino at the proper tempo.  Monogrammed glassware adds a personal touch.



Deep is Love.PNG

How deep is your love
Plush carpeting and special wool rugs can make your room a special space.  Installing radiant heat under tile floors will keep tootsies toasty warm on cold days and nights. 



Sit Pretty.PNG

Sitting pretty
You and your sweety will sit pretty on a heart back bar stool, love seats for the  two of you, and a hammock bed for your backyard paradise. 



Color World.PNG          

Color my world
Pick out a paint color that looks like – and sounds like – Valentine’s Day: Behr’s Cupid Arrow, Scented Valentine, and Valentine Heart. 



 See Love Me.PNG      

I can see you love me
Artwork, appliqués, and wreaths add a special touch to your walls.  New wallpaper changes the feel of your room.  A personalized family crest will add a distinctive touch. 


Light Up Life.PNG

You light up my life
Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like hearts and Cupid and cuddly bears.  Our hearts will light you up, granite Cupid will stand over your love (and maybe in the spring garden), and this lovable bear is really an ultrasonic humidifier!


Love Boat.PNG

On the Love Boat
Enjoy no-wait hot water, a showerhead that can capture four (4) of your moods, wash up in a heart-shaped vessel sink, splurge in an overflowing bath complete with effervescence and chromatherapy, and soak in a hot tub for two.



Diamonds Girls.PNG

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Now for the good stuff!  Your Valentine will need a jewelry box for all that jewelry you will be presenting!  Larger goodies may require a wall safe for safe keeping.



Up up away.PNG

Up. up and away
Did you think I forgot about roses?  Of course not!  We have real roses, silk roses, and duct tape roses.  Enjoy beautiful cyclamens in full bloom.  Plant the seeds for your rosy red fruit (tomatoes) and watch your love blossom and grow throughout the summer!  (PS - Now is a great time to join The Home Depot Garden Club.)



Count the ways.PNG

How do I love you - let me count the ways
Check out the cute gift cards available in the store – or better yet send a customized gift card to your special someone!



I would love to hear how your Home Depot project celebrates your love.  Tell us about your inspiration and thanks in advance for sharing!



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Posted 2012-02-07T16:59:00+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL Eileen_HD_ATL

Great job on this post on how everything just meshed all together and made sense.

Posted 2012-02-07T20:34:17+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

Hey THDiva, I wish I could give you 50 "you nailed it"s...Seriously great post!! That would have put me into a canonical link coma, you really put a lot of heart into it!!! Fantastic job!!

Posted 2012-02-09T13:07:42+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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