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52" Ceiling fan with remote stopped working



I have a 52" Windward iV ceiling fan, model 54SHRL, UPC #082392552961 that has stopped working. Neither the fan or the light will turn on. The display on the remote appears fine and I have verified that AC power is getting to the unit. I have verified all of the electrical connections are good. I have several other Hampton Bay ceiling fans in my home but this one has a different receiver so I am unable to tell if the problem is in the fan or the remote. 


Any help would be appreciated.



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Posted 2011-09-13T00:36:05+0000  by dapaterson dapaterson

Hi Doug,


The only thing that I see that you may not have checked is the battery in the remote. Since the fan has been working in the past the issue is not the code at remote-to-reciever.


Is there any noise coming from the fan at all when trying to operate? Humming would be most common if blades are obstructed or problem with motor.


Hope its just a battery.



Posted 2011-09-14T17:57:29+0000  by Quikfix

Hey Doug,


              You might want to check the codes in the fan and remote to make sure the match. With that particular fan you have to use the remote, so if the codes don't match, it will not work.


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Posted 2011-09-14T23:49:05+0000  by roy22802

Hi Doug -


I'm Jon with our Home Depot Customer Care team. Our customer support team may be able to help determine the cause of your issue and find a resolution for you.


Can you email me your contact information (phone or email) and any additional details? I'll have someone contact you.


My email is




Jon :: Home Depot Customer Care ::

Posted 2011-09-21T00:18:44+0000  by jonsmith
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