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52" Chateau Deville Hampton Bay ceiling fan Blade Balance Kit

How can I get a ceiling fan Blade Balance Kit for a 52" Chateau Deville Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

This kit comes included with the fan, but we did not need it when I first installed the fan.


We installed the fan in our house about a year and a half after purchasing it. It worked properly for one year, and after that we found out that one of the blades was hitting the casing of the unit. The distance between the piece that holds the motor of the unit and the one holding the fan blade arms is different, causing a big noise when the blade hits the motor of the fan in one of the sides.

We were not able to return the unit since it was out of warranty by then, and now we cannot find the fan blade balance kit.


The model of the fan is AC- 552MK719, and the SKU number is 266- 848.

The ceiling fan information from the Home Depot website for this item is: model number 34012, and internet number 202024855.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Posted 2013-11-10T23:42:24+0000  by handyguy23 handyguy23

Good eveing,


Well,this may sound strange but it works in alot of caeses.  Use a quarter or two at the end of the blade (top tword the ceiling). using a small peice of masking tape, tape the quarter to the balde.  try it, if still not ballanced, use a second quarter either on top of the fisrt or side by side.  if this works, then use super-glue (tm) to gule them to the balde.


this has worked for me in alot of simalir issues and still iholding well and keeps the baldes properly ballanced. 


Good Luck.


side note: if this does work, then you may need to replace the fan, hopefuly not. ::smileyfrustrated:

Posted 2013-11-12T02:07:47+0000  by design_team

Hey handyguy23,


We actually carry Fan Blade Balancing Kits at your local Home Depot. They work for all ceiling fans. Click on the image of it below for more information.



While I'm not sure if this will be the answer to your noise situation, but it can get rid of the wobbling you may experience. Honestly, if the fan arms are different, it can throw the integrity of the motor off. However, try the kit first to see if it will work for you.


Please let me know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2013-11-16T21:42:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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