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52" Clarington remote does not operate system

I have a 52 inch Clarington ceiling fan. The remote no longer operates the system and the fan operates whenever the wall switch is on and cannot be turned off. The manual and parts list is long gone and I need to know what part I need to replace to make this work. 


Also, is there any way to get a digital copy of the manual for Hampton Bay fans? 



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Posted 2012-04-03T19:53:11+0000  by DrCreosote DrCreosote

Hi, there.

I can definitely look into locating a manual for the fan.

Unfortunately, I'm not finding a Clarington in my database.

I'll actually need the UPC code which identifies the whole fan in our system. You can find this located on a sticker on the top of the motor housing.

If you don't find that sticker, you can take a picture of the fan fully put together, and I can attempt to ID the fan by that. Sticker information is best of course.

*I've attached a picture of the sticker with the UPC I'll need you to locate.


In the event you cannot find the sticker, our last resort is for you to take a picture of the whole fan (fully assembled). I will be comparing your fan picture to the ones in our database.

Please email me this information at

Thanks so much, Nicki

Posted 2012-04-03T21:48:20+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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