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6'x2' piece of my outside soffit fell.

A 6'x2'  piece of my outside soffit has just fallen down. The rest is still up, and looks to be drywall?,( because plaster fell when the piece fell). Best replacement,?? vinyl siding, plywood, is an object. I need a fix before winter hits, maybe a temp fix, until I can afford to have this side soffit sided like the rest.
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Posted 2016-10-15T00:04:05+0000  by pammid pammid
It would be odd that the soffit would be drywall because drywall tends to fall apart when exposed to moisture.  Maybe if you live in an extremely arid climate, I have no idea what they do in Arizona, for example

The good news is that you can replace it with almost anything.  Plywood would probably be the cheapest option.  Just use an exterior grade plywood the same thickness as what fell down and  prime/paint both sides and the four edges before installing it.  You can put a bead of caulk between the along the edges to cover any minor gaps.
Posted 2016-10-15T09:50:38+0000  by Adam444
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