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7 Best Climbing Outdoor Vines


There is nothing better at framing in a landscape or garden than a beautiful, climbing vine, loaded with flowers. Many peoples list will include as many vines as they can think of but many vines have fallen on my list of undesirable invasive plants. If a plant requires more work than most people can give them, then they will not be landing on any list of desirable plants of mine.


You will find Honeysuckle, English Ivy and Wisteria on the 10 Worst Invasive Plants for a southern landscape, where many believe they belong. Some plants become long-term problems, causing regret down the road. Let’s discuss 7 vines that will not create these regrets.




This vine is commonly used around mailboxes and lamp posts due to its manageability by being a smaller growing, less invasive vine. Its brilliant colors stand out like none other. Clematis is the ideal vine for smaller gardens or flower beds.


Climbing Hydrangea

This beautiful climber can act as a climber if given anything to grow on or a groundcover if there is nothing. Aerial rootlets along the stem allow this plant to climb and attach to even the smoothest of surfaces. This native to the Himalayas and China has beautiful woody bark and clusters of creamy white flowers. When growing as a groundcover, this plant can cover up to 200 square feet.


Tangerine Beauty Crossvine

This vine has tendrils which are modified leaves that have claws that help them climb up fences and other structures. It gets root-like disks that also allow the vine to grip onto walls. This plant can tolerate heavy shade and adapts to many different soils. Root suckers can become a problem so pruning them may be necessary. Crossvine is great for attracting hummingbirds and is closely related to the Trumpet Vine.


Confederate Jasmine

More often referred to as a confederate Jasmine, this vine is very manageable and when it is in bloom, you will certainly smell it long before seeing it. It is a very fragrant vine and does well on trellis, fences or arbors. This plant is adaptable and will grow in claylike soil or sandier soils.


Carolina yellow Jasmine

This is a great vine simply because it is easily manageable and won’t take over the world like other invasive vines do. This plant does well on arbors and trellis as a vine or it can be used as a groundcover as well. Although referred to as a Jasmine, Jasmine is in the Jasminum genus. All parts of this plant are poisonous.


Lady Banks Rose

This thornless climbing rose puts on an amazing show of yellow flowers. This rose puts all other climbing Roses to shame. This plant does not have the typical problem that other climbing roses have with insects and diseases. This plant deserves a home in every yard. It is truly an amazing plant. My brothers Lady Banks climbed 40 feet up in his Sweetgum tree, creating such an impressive show.


Pink Mandevilla

Although this plant is an annual throughout most of the United States, it is very popular for planting around mailboxes, lamp posts and as a back drop for annual beds. This climber will grow fast and give drivers by plenty to look at.


There are plenty of great vines out there. What are some of your favorites?

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