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7 Tips For Keeping Cool This Summer


Now that the summer heat is in full swing it’s time to find ways to keep cool. Some of these are common sense and some are “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.






1. Box Fans



If it’s cooler outside use a fan to cool an entire room down, then put a second fan on the window sill (or chair) directly in front of an open window, with the fan blowing out the window.  You must also have another window open (preferably on the opposite side of the room from the window you have the fan blowing out of), so that the air is pulled from one window out through the other, moving outside air through the room.





2. Patio Sun Shades



I’ve had great luck with using outdoor Patio Sun Shades. These are perfect window treatments for a sun room, outdoor patio, deck, garage, laundry room, etc. These are made from easy to clean, lightweight, durable PVC vinyl material which resists moisture and humidity. You can quickly hang this window blind outdoors for additional privacy or sun protection from UV rays or furniture damage, then roll it up or remove it easily if more sunlight is desired.







3. Window Tint



Sometimes you have a sliding glass door that works against your efforts to keep a room cooler. Just when I was going to give up I discovered Privacy window film. It works like your car window tint. Privacy Window Film also darkens windows that face neighboring properties. This film is suitable for garages, bedrooms and home offices. It is safe for dual panes (with outside mount) and installs in minutes.




4. Microwave



It makes almost no sense to work at cooling down a home only to turn on an oven or range burners and defeating your efforts. If I notice there is going to be a heatwave, I usually like to cook a big meal that I can use a microwave to reheat for a few days that week.



5. Ceiling Fans



Something simple as installing a ceiling fan can make all the difference in a room.  With all the types available you can easily find one that will act as: fan, air-conditioning circulator, and lamp. It’s a win, win, win situation in my book.



6. Straw Hats



A large gardeners straw hat is a must in parts of the country where it’s very sunny.  I found out the hard way that comfort is in large straw hats and NOT baseball caps that make it worse than not wearing a hat at all.  Of course if you have fair skin then you would be wise to have sunblock always available.



7. Outdoor Mister Kits



If you do some entertaining outdoors you’ve no doubt found that an umbrella just doesn’t cut it. This is especially true when the sun is not directly above you. One of the best “beat the heat” inventions to me is the outdoor mister kits. These are very effective in gazebos, patios, and I’ve even seen them on umbrellas now.






If you have some ideas to add, why not share them with us so we can all keep cool this summer.





Happy Summer,



Coach Dave

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