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7 Tips for Sharing a Bathroom


Ideally, your bathroom should be a clean and private place. Unfortunately, the sanitation standards of living with another person or a group of people are rarely idyllic. The bathroom can quickly become a disorderly and downright disgusting space when the bathroom is used by more than one person.  
Whether one of your housemates is hogging it all the time or simply acting like a hog by failing to clean up after themselves, it doesn't take much to turn your restroom into a stressful and sickening site. Here are some guidelines you can lay down to keep it spotless (or at least passable) and used fairly.


1. Set Up a Cleaning Schedule



Cleanliness is in the eye (and nose) of the beholder. You may think you've done a good job covering your tracks after you've used the restroom but that may not be the case in your roommate's 'point of ewww'! Sit down with everyone you live with and come up with a cleaning schedule. Find out what everyone feels is an acceptable cleaning job. Write down who cleans what on which days and post the schedule near the sink where everyone can see it.


2. Make a Note of Everyone's Daily Schedule


When you get together to make the cleaning schedule, also look at everyone's work or school schedule. If multiple people go to work at the same time they'll need to be showering at the same. Determine who goes first, at what time, and how long of a shower they will be allotted. This will prevent frantic fights and cold showers for the last person in line. If possible, try to schedule it so that people shower during different times of the day to avoid running out of hot water.


3. Clean the Drain After a Shower


It doesn't take long for hair and other residue to clog the drain with multiple people showering throughout the day. Before you know it, you'll be standing in a pool of water as you shower. Have everyone do at least a quick clean of the drain after every shower.


4. Personal Cabinet Space



If you have enough available, designate separate bathroom cabinets for everyone. That way you'll maintain a sense of order and privacy and won't find your roommates'  "unmentionables" items scattered about. If you have kids, do the same for their bath toys.


5. Keep it Smelling Fresh


It doesn't matter how clean your bathroom appears to be, if it doesn't smell clean, it will still feel disgusting. Make sure either air freshener or candles are always on hand. Also, keep in mind; it doesn't take long for a dirty towel to start smelling like mildew. Don't leave used towels hanging up for more than a few uses and make sure everyone knows whose towel is whose. The only thing nastier than using one of your towels that hasn't been washed in a while is using someone else's dirty one.

6. Have a Shower Caddy


Most likely, everyone who you're living with has different shampoo, conditioner and body wash, a shower caddy will help with all of the clutter.
Also, make sure to throw out empty bottles as soon as you're done with them. It can be extremely frustrating to lift multiple vacant bottles and not find even one with shampoo in the middle of a shower.

7. Share the Responsibility of Toilet Paper


Toilet paper seems to mysteriously disappear in a shared bathroom, and there's nothing worse than realizing that there isn't any left after it's too late. Take turns buying toilet paper and make a schedule of when everyone buys it. Buy in bulk to save money and make it a rule that when the bathroom gets down to three rolls, the next person on the list needs to go out and get new toilet paper.

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