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8 Ways to Clean and Maintain Cork Flooring


Cork flooring is a great choice for any home, due to its stylish look and durability.


But, just like any other floor, it needs to be periodically cleaned and taken care of to ensure it lasts for a long time. In this post, I'll briefly go over some tips and tricks to give your cork flooring its best appearance.



1. Always vacuum and clean your floor with an approved cleaner from the manufacturer. This is the most important thing to remember; as using an improper cleaner could damage or discolor the floor. 

2. Protect the floor by putting down mats at all entrances and at high traffic areas, be sure that they are breathable (no latex or rubber backing), so moisture doesn't get trapped below it. This can quickly damage the surface of the floor.

3. Avoid moisture on the floor and clean up spills as soon as possible. Never use a wet or damp mop for cleaning.

4. Use felt pads on all furniture legs, even for ones that don't move that much like a dresser.

5. Avoid dragging or rolling heavy objects directly onto the floor. If you need to move something heavy over it, use materials like plywood as a protector so as to avoid scratching and marring of the floor surface.

6. Refrain from walking on the floor with high heeled shoes or shoes that have cleats on them.

7. For office areas, use rollers that won't mar or scratch the surface.

8. As with any naturally made floor, long term exposure to the sun and even man-made lighting can alter the color of the surface over time. The best practice to avoid discolored areas is to rearrange rugs and furniture occasionally so that the floor ages evenly.

As with flooring, new or old, be sure you know the manufacturer and the warranty on it so you can get the correct maintenance for it. This is the most important factor is keeping any flooring looking its best.



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