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A 6in. platform "Stage"

I would like to build a stage in my grandparent's basement. I was wondering what materials I should use for the frame I was thinking some sort of steel to drill into the concrete floor, and a 2X4 shell. Tips, ideas, ect.
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Posted 2011-09-30T01:50:17+0000  by AustinHill AustinHill

Hey there AustinHill,


Welcome to the community! We've got some really creative and handy users here who have created tons of things from scratch, like bookshelves and cabinets, etc.. You've come to the right place = )


To start working on your stage, you'll need to start where any good project does...the framework. A 2 x 4 base will add a sturdy foundation, but you can also opt to use thicker woods such as 2 x 6 or even a 4 x 4 depending on how many actors you're planning on inviting up.


I'm not sure exactly where the steel would fit into the plan however...I don't really see that much on stages aside from up in the rafters. Could you elaborate more on what you were planning to use it for?


Again, depending on how many people you're having up on stage, I would look at a minimum of 1/2" plywood as your top layer, I would recommend 3/4" though just because you want to make sure it's sturdy to stand upon.


My colleague shecandoit22 actually made a really great write up helping another user with a platform bed. The framework design she used is great because you can disassemble it if need be, in case your stage decides to go on the road with you = ) You can use her diagrams and instructions to give you some ideas and perhaps spark some new thoughts as well. Check it out here -> Platform bed question



You can jazz up the stage by adding some indoor/outdoor style carpeting to the top of the stage as well! That way it's easy to clean up or vacuum and inexpensive to boot =) We've got some really nice styles on the roll in-store that you can pick from. I really like the Viking Stingray color, check if your local store has it and take a look!~



And also, depending on how tall you decide to make it, another cool idea would be to decorate the front of the stage. A really cool idea I thought of would be to paint the face of the stage with a Chalkboard or Dry Erase paint. That way you can write and erase on it just like the marquee of a real theater = )


I hope this gives you a few creative ideas to get you started = ) Let us know if we can help you out with the project any more or if you have any other questions!~

Posted 2011-09-30T14:47:54+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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