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A Poor Man's Fertilizer: Snow

It truly is hard to take, a two-foot blanket of snow on the thirteenth of March but it is the reality of the season; a few sneaky, freaky, server snowstorms to end the winter months with another pending for next week….look something positive in all of this, that is what I am doing.

Not only do snowstorms stop everything and literally “freeze time” and make everything stand still for a while, snowstorms make us appreciate what we sometimes take for granted like electricity, heat, cable TV, and the ease getting from one place to another. Snowstorms muffle everything that it covers and are a great inconvenience for the wheels of progress; but its power is greater than any appointment or schedule or plan that is made, and when the governor tells non-essential employees to stay home and off the roads you know it is a serious situation to be watch from the windows and safety of your home.

Now for some positives, snow as it forms and falls pulls nitrogen from the atmosphere. Nitrogen is the number one element mineral in bagged fertilizer. When nitrogen comes in the form of late season snow and blankets the ground it is absorbed by the partially thawed ground slowly, a perfect scenario. A late season snow also insulates the garden, all those anxious bulbs that had pushed their way up during the spring teaser days in February are now being protected by the moist, nitrogen rich, blanket of snow that covers them. The weight of the snow will make plants and trees bend, they will stand again once the snow has melted; only the weak trees and limbs will break that is nature’s way of pruning.

Snowstorms may cause havoc but nature’s wrath also promotes jobs for snow removal personal, utility workers, and chainsaw toting landscapers and every last bit of ice melt and all the snow shovels will be sold at your local Home Depot…to make room for all the spring fertilizers.

Spring is coming…it happens every year; before you know it Bonnie Plants herbs and vegetables will be dominating the racks at your local Home Depot and the inches of snow that cover them now will be but a memory….plant some positivity, snow is the poor man’s fertilizer, and its free!


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Posted 2018-03-15T16:29:48+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS