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A Positive Step For Casey: How to Build Pet Stairs

The Home Depot is in the business of Home Improvement, I also like to think that The Home Depot is in the "life improvement" business as well.

We are in the aisle to help in times of crisis: hurricanes, floods, snow storms, and burst water heaters. We are also there when you want to upgrade and renovate, paint, and improve your home which in turn improves the quality of your life.

I have escorted many customers to the aisle where baby gates and child safety items are kept; and I have also taken just as many customers seeking elder care items: grab bars and such for their ageing love ones….life changes the way we live, and the improvements we need.

This past week a customer came into the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot in search of materials to improve the quality of her dogs life.

Casey, a handsome 13 year old chocolate lab had lost his ability to climb into the car, his owner and best friend Brenda had recently undergone shoulder surgery and can no longer lift his hind quarters into their car.

“Casey was a therapy dog, he is a kind, gentle, dog that is loved by all, no matter where he goes”, Brenda stated

Casey had suffered a stroke a while back which resulted in his inability to walk….he could not walk at all, not even stand, Brenda was told that Casey would never walk again, and perhaps it was time to put him down. Not giving up hope for an instant on her loyal and trusted companion Brenda sought the help of an acupuncturist for Casey.

The acupuncture therapy worked!  “Not only can Casey stand and walk, but he can run a little bit too”, “Brenda said, he just can’t lift his back legs into the car”.

Brenda and assistant manager Chris Cowhig met as she was trying to gather materials for the construction of foam steps to aid her ageing dog. Brenda and Casey go everywhere together since Brenda’s husband had passed away, and she was heartbroken that she had to leave Casey home because he couldn’t climb, and she cannot help him into the car anymore.

Chris sympathized and felt the love that Brenda has for Casey and immediately wanted to help; he told Brenda that he would take care of the steps that we would build them and she could pick them up on as soon as the steps were complete.

Chris formulated a team to execute the building of the steps, and Brenda picked them up yesterday.


Brenda was overjoyed and so grateful for the effort and the sense of urgency that was put into the steps!


Brenda is going to bring Casey by the West Roxbury, Home Depot, (now that he will be able to go for a ride) so that he can meet his fan club, we all love him already!

Life is ever changing ….stop by your local Home Depot, we can help you with a step in the right direction!


Easy Pet Steps:

2 inch foam board insulation; 2 tubes foam board adhesive, indoor/outdoor carpet, poly/nylon belting, back pack strap handle, paint, stencils

Tools: Staple gun, glue gun, measuring tape, sharp utility knife, stencil brush



cut 3 pieces at 24 inches by 30 inches

cut 2 pieces at 24 inches by 18 inches

with Foam Board adhesive glue and sandwich all the cut pieces together as shown.


Indoor/outdoor carpet: I used a remnant piece that measured 48 inches by 52 inches

Cut the carpet in a strip that measures 44 inches by 48 inches, place the steps on the carpet strip and pre-wrapped the steps to make sure the carpet goes up and over the side spread foam board adhesive over sides, front, and back of steps.

Make square corners up the back, glue and staple the edges in place continue all around the sides and top, gluing and stapling.

Use foam board adhesive on the step tops and riser lay the remaining strip of carpet like a runner over the stairs.

Place a weighted board on the top of stairs, and a bungee cord at the riser, and let dry for 24 hours, trim any excess carpet.

Using the glue gun squeeze a bead of glue under all seams, and edges, be careful not to put too much so that it dose not oozes out.

Wrap the band around the bottom of the riser, insert the handle, then staple and glue the strap in place.

Center the handle on stair back add a dot of hot glue between the handle and strap and hold in place to keep the handle from shifting.

If you choose you can personalize the steps with your pet’s name, using stencils, paint and a stencil brush.

These stairs are light weight, and very sturdy, a great,easy project with a positive step for your ageing pets!       Maureen


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Posted 2015-08-11T18:37:12+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Posted 2015-08-14T02:24:35+0000  by kriths234

The Casey Up-Date: a Positive Step for All

Last Friday the West Roxbury Home Depot was the recipient of a fine and noble guest; Casey the “wonder dog” came to visit and show us all how he was using the new steps that we had built for him.

Dr. Moses of the: Angell Memorial Hospital, in Boston, is treating Casey with acupuncture therapy for partial paralysis of hips and legs with great success. Casey who was not able to walk or even stand, is now with the help of Dr. Moses, standing, sitting, and even running a bit.

Dr. Mosses also gave Brenda (Casey’s devoted friend and owner) the plans for making Casey steps to get in and out of the car, with ease, just one more “step” to improve both Casey and Brenda’s quality of life.

Brenda said that “the steps are easy to move and lift”, she is recovering from shoulder surgery, and that “Casey is so happy to be out and about again, and the steps are getting easier and easier for him to maneuver”.

Casey was a show stopper at The Home Depot, Brenda pulled up to the front of the store and placed Casey’s steps by the car door, and without much coaxing he was out with ease and ready for his fan club!


Casey was happy to see all the orange aprons waiting to give him a pat, a hug and even share some kisses! Customers came out from the store…in from the parking lot, and off of work trucks to meet Casey. He caused a happy commotion, and started conversations among dog lovers, the stairs were a hit too!

It was pleasure to be part of the whole store team that pulled Casey’s stairs together.

Thank you to Dr. Moses for specializing in acupuncture for animals, thank you to assistant manager Chris Cowhig, for directing our store in the building of Casey’s canine climbing tool, and thank you to Brenda for not giving up on Casey the ‘wonder dog’!

A special and sincere thank you to Casey for bringing all of us together, and also helping other ageing dogs continue to take a ride, or road trip with their families!


Enjoy the ride Casey, we love ya!    All the best,   Maureen

Posted 2015-08-18T18:02:11+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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