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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

A Spooooktacular Table for Halloween

Awaken your spirit! Create with me, an inviting, spookalicous, sweetly haunting, harvest table!


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For some strange reason I am drawn to galvanized things: old buckets, worn watering cans, distressed milk cans, big wash basins, and I love the venting/duct work aisle at my Home Depot. I have always thought that…. the vent pipes are an art project, waiting to happen! Paint buckets fall into that same category for me….their possibilities of uses, are infinite.  

It may be the sheen, and the glitz of new metal galvanized buckets, or the dings and pits of a well-worn pail…. there is just something about the texture and history of the items that make them, always seem to fit into any décor!

So let yourself vent, show your creativity!! I just picked up 10 dollars worth of dry ice, and gathered components:



  • 3-3 inch, 90 degree vent elbows
  • 2-7” round elbows
  • 3-2.5qt. metal pails
  • 1-1 gallon paint can
  • 2-quart size paint cans
  • 2-6” round vent caps
  • 2-5” round vent caps
  • 1-package cheese cloth
  • 1-rolls of 3x25 ft. burlap

You may find some other objects and items in The Home Depot aisles, that will go with the whole, galvanized, harvest theme….. you won’t know till you get there! I just gathered what looked cool, and put them together with dry ice and hot water……..ooooooooooooooo, then the spirit in me came to life!   What spooktacular fun!!!

I used a string of white lights to illuminate the cheese cloth, and I baked up some hauntingly delicious cranberry-apple-pumpkin bread and peanut butter cookies!


**Check with your dry-ice source for all you dry-ice handling instructions!**

 Let’s see what you conjure up!! Let your spirit rise and be creative…. Happy Halloween!

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