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A Woodsy Creation: DIY Tree Branch Centerpiece


Want to be creative?  Here is an easy way to take some regular branches and make a great looking center piece out of them for your fireplace mantel or an outside table.


Hot glue gun

Tweezers & small needle nose pliers

1 ¾ - 2 in Forstner wood boring bit (Forstner wood boring bits)

Drill press or hand held drill

Two branches that are at least 2 inches thick and 6-8 inches long

A roll of twin

Sphagnum moss

Popsicle sticks to press the hot glue down

Small Imitation bird with real feathers

Battery operated Tea Candles 3-8 (depending how many holes you make)



Step 1: Once you have acquired all of our materials, take a pencil and mark the spots where you think you will want to put your tea candles. 



If you make holes 2 inches in diameter, you will be able to use a variety of different sized tea candles both regular and battery powered.


Step 2: Use your Forstner bit to drill your holes about ½ inch deep



Step 3: Bind your two pieces of wood together tightly using the twine.


Step 4: Hot glue the end pieces of the twin.  I did mine underneath the two pieces of  wood to hide any glue marks.    




Step 5: Place the Sphagnum moss in the crevices between the two logs and in the space between the holes where the candles will be. 



When using Sphagnum moss, use the battery operated tea candles


Step 6: Use your glue gun to anchor the sphagnum moss to the wood.  Use the popsicle sticks to press the moss to the wood.


Step 7: If you have an ornament you would like to use to accent your center piece, pick a location and glue it on.



Allow your new creation to set for about 10 - 15 minutes to allow the hot glue to cool completely.


Step 8: Insert your battery operated tea candles.




Be sure to take pictures of your creations and share them with us at:





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