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A big POP and the fan died!

We have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light in our living room.  It is accessed by a wall switch to turn the power on and off then the fan is controlled by a remote control.  We use the switch for the light and really never use the fan. 


Three weeks ago I turned off the switch on the wall and heard a big pop, sounding similar to a light bulb blowing.  Now nothing works.  I have tried new light bulbs but the fan won't turn on either.  I know the wall switch is getting power because when it is in the on position and I try the remote to turn the fan on I hear "click click" like it is trying to work.  My husband also tested the switch and said it's fine. 


I have no idea what to do and it's really dark in the living room without the ceiling light!  The fan is 4 years old today.  I can look up the model when I get home from work but I doubt that will matter greatly.  What's our next step?  Should we call an electrician?


Thank you.

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Posted 2013-12-04T21:09:49+0000  by GoNavyGo GoNavyGo

A pop often means some kind of electrical short, although it seems odd that it didn't blow a breaker.  I'd start by inspecting the wiring in the box above the fan.


It's entirely possible the fan failed.  The only practical option is replacement.

Posted 2013-12-04T22:20:43+0000  by Adam444

Check the plastic "wire nuts" above the fan if the wires are not secured well will cause a short.

Posted 2014-01-08T08:25:26+0000  by Wilby1977
The plastic pieces that you screw the house wires to the product.
Posted 2014-01-08T08:29:44+0000  by Wilby1977
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