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A little chip at the bottom of shower

Can you use Por-A-Fix to fill in the little chip in the shower?




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Posted 2011-03-21T19:16:27+0000  by jax016 jax016

Hi there Anna,


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You sure can use Porc-a-Fix in the shower as long as what you are repairing is porcelain based and is not an extremely large chip that deep or crumbling. That little tube really goes a long way in repairing small nicks and chips whatever chipped off in the shower. Just brush on slightly and work in layers if need be. It has a self-leveling formula in it so it dries and looks very professional when done!


Hope this helps you out,



Posted 2011-03-21T19:41:09+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



Hi Jax016, I’m Ken with The Home Depot in California. Welcome to the community. From your question it seems like you have a porcelain shower pan which would allow you to use Porc-A- Fix.


However if you have a fiberglass shower pan you would want to use a product made for fiberglass. There is a product called Lasco Bathware gel-coat repair kit. This is made for repairing fiberglass bath tubs and showers.


This kit comes with everything you need to get that repair done. However I’m told you might need some extra sandpaper to smooth out the repair and plastic putty knife to apply the compound. I have provided a picture to show you what it looks like. Hope this helps.






Posted 2011-03-21T19:49:58+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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