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AC Unit Coils

How do you clean ac coils?

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Posted 2013-05-30T17:37:21+0000  by slagela2012 slagela2012

Hello slagela2012!


Your task is relatively simple ... assuming you are talking about the coils in the compressor housing outside your home.


Purchase Condenser Coil Cleaner near the air filters in the Plumbing Department.


Clip away any vegetation that may block air flow around the coil/compressor housing, spray one layer of cleaner over the coils, wait about ten-minutes while the cleaner expands into foam to push dirt out of the coils, and then rinse with a garden hose.



Best practice includes removing the fuse, located in the small box on the side of the building just above the compressor, before applying the cleaner or rinsing with water.


Typically, you'll see a pull ring to remove the fuse when you open the small box.


Once the cleaning is complete, replace the fuse by pressing firmly until it clicks into place. Remember to close the box.

Posted 2013-05-30T18:00:39+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Pat,   Condenser coil cleaner is meant for the coil inside your home in the plenum of your furnace.  The outside coil or compressor coil can be cleaned with a simple garden hose and a spray nozzle as long as the pressure isn's so high that it folds over the fins on the coil

Posted 2013-06-07T20:38:30+0000  by joshcameron

I'm sorry to correct you JoshCameron,


However, the linked product is intended to clean what you refer to as the "outside coil or compressor coil."


In fact, this is the most common use for the product.


To prevent creating confusion among other members of The Community, I am reposting the manufacturer's instructions:



• Make sure system is turned off while cleaning.

• Hold can upright 15 inches from the unit and spray with a sweeping motion.

• Spray directly on coils and fins. Allow Coil Cleaner to remain on coils for a few minutes.

• Rinse off with spray of water from garden hose.

• For heavy soil buildup, repeat application.

• Allow enough time for coil to dry before restarting air conditioning or heat pump unit.



If you look carefully at the image on the front of the can, you will see the product being sprayed onto what you refer to as the "outside coil or compressor coil." Again, this is the most common use for the product.


I apply this product at the beginning of each cooling season to promote better heat transfer at the compressor, which improves energy efficiency as well as cooling inside the home.


So Community Members, you can be confident when using this product to clean the coils on your compressor (outside).


Your Plumbing Associate can assist you to locate the product ... typically found on the AC Filter aisle.



Please note that electrical is turned off before cleaning and left off until the coils are dry.



Water from a garden hose is required to rinse. Do not apply this product unless a hose is available and ready to rinse.

Posted 2013-06-18T15:01:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello Again JoshCameron!


Since I replied to your answer earlier, the manufacturer has followed-up by Email.


In their response, they said, "Our Coil Cleaner (sku 677016) is designed to clean compressor coils on outside units (Central Air or Window AC units).  It is not designed to be used on indoor applications."


Please follow-up if we can assist you further.

Posted 2013-06-18T20:33:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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