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Above the Bath/Tub Plastic Walls

We have just finished installing a Tub-Shower combo.  Looks Beautiful.  Top of the line at our local store.  Yesterday I asked several representatives how I could find ( get ) white hi-gloss plastic sheet that can be placed above the shower walls on all 3 sides.  Need 1 piece about 18 " by 60 " and 2 pieces about 18 " by 36 ".  This is to complete the white walls area from the top of the side walls to the ceiling.


No one knows where I can find this type of smooth hi-gloss plastic to match the shower inclosure..  I am using white plastic moulding to trim off all walls, but before I attach the moulding, I want to install the 3 mentioned pieces.  We can cut to any size, but we can't find the plastic.  Only a pebble type surface is available and would not look good.


I would recommend that flat sheet material be made available to finish off installations where the owner wants a completed look.


Any ideas or phone numbers to try?





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Posted 2011-09-22T15:08:10+0000  by Launchnet Launchnet
Ask the Pro Desk about ordering your sheet goods. They can generally source just about anything even though THD may not normally sell it.
Posted 2011-09-22T20:23:08+0000  by Paul

Any other ideas . . .


I have talked to 6 or 7 HD people, including on-line customer care, pro-desk, etc & etc. 


I also have talked to Masco, the company that makes the tub-shower.  The man was very nice and said he would turn the idea over to the marketing department as he thought that they should know and possible make something available.  I also suggested to him that they could make an optional set of wall surroundswhich would reach an 8' ceiling, a little short naturally so that a plastic moulding can be used around the top.  He also liked that idea.


I would like to buy 1 - 4' x 8' sheet of white-high gloss plastic approximately 1/8" thick.  I am positive that this is made by some company, but how to find is the question.


I sure would appreciate some more help with this.



Posted 2011-09-24T15:07:07+0000  by Launchnet

Ask your local Pro Deck about ordering some panels from DPI (Decorative Panels International). They supply THD with a product line called Aquatile. It's a panel that looks like tile. There are several versions on If you click that it will take you to what is available from THD online. Dig a bit deeper into DPI's product line and you'll find they carry smooth panels. One of the uses they suggest for their panels is bathrooms. The installation guide is here.


From their FAQ:

Q: Can your AquaTile panels be used in a bathtub alcove?


A: Our AquaTile panels can be used in this application, if properly installed. Follow all instructions carefully; usetrowel-on adhesive to adhere panels. The backside of all panels must be completely covered. Wear safety glasses and follow all safety precautions on the adhesive can. Open fires, pilot lights, or smoking must be avoided! Ventilate the installation area with fresh air, as fumes can get strong.

Keep 1/8" gap at bottom between panels and top edge of tub, and 1/8" gap at ceiling. Use 1/16" gap at panel inside corner joints. After adhesive cures, a minimum of 24 hours, fill with 100% silicone caulk at bottom, all other panel joints, perimeter edges, and around any holes.

Of course our panels are a wood substrate, and only as waterproof as the finish. If the finish is scratched through, moisture will penetrate the substrate and eventually cause a coating failure.


Q: What needs to be done to finish the seams?


Smooth Panels - Matching silicone caulk can be used in seams.  Or extruded trim moldings can be used, (with a small bead of silicone caulk in the molding channel, before inserting the panel.)


Hope this helps.


Posted 2011-09-24T19:50:36+0000  by Paul

After installing ceramic tiles in our shower, the tiles on the one wall shifted and the corners are now out about 1/8th of an inch.  we were very fussy and that situation we thought that " if there is a solution without tearing out then we have to replace the tiles & drywall"... then some one tld us to check a site name .. then we did that and we phoned them.. they helped us..

Posted 2012-11-29T10:13:01+0000  by albertasen
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