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Add Glaze To MSL Metallic Paint?

Hello there!


Here's a question from The Apron Blog reader Sue Devito:


"I need to know if I need to put the glaze in Martha Stewarts Metalic paints for a wall. One says yes, the other says no. Very, very confused!"


What advice do you think we should give Sue?  To glaze or not to glaze?


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Posted 2012-04-13T20:58:36+0000  by SoDeco SoDeco




Whether you add glazing liquid to the metallic paint depends on what you want to accomplish. Two coats of straight metalic paint will result in an opague, metallic finish. However, if you desire to achieve a transparent metallic highlighted look, adding glaze would give you this transparency to allow the underlying paint to show through.

Posted 2012-04-13T22:43:53+0000  by ordjen

Hello Again SoDeco!


Thanks for forwarding Sue's question about ML Metallic Paint.


Martha Living currently displays two metallic paints at The Store ... one that does not require glaze and one that is frequently used with glaze. This may be the source of her contrary advice ... "one says yes, the other says no ..."


Let's see if we can clarify!


ML Precious Metals is wall paint that comes in quarts and gallons. It is commonly applied directly out of the can without thinning or glaze added. On the lower right ML color board, Sue can see samples of the available colors.


MLFaux.JPG  It looks like this and you see the words Precious Metals below the color cards.


ML Specialty Paints are displayed in a separate kiosk and ML Specialty Metallic Paint is available there in half-pint containers ... the colors are displayed on the lid of each container. This product is very thick and is commonly applied after blending with faux glaze.


Here is a link to a thread in which one of my customers used ML products to faux finish a hallway desk. The video in this thread describes the application technique. Her results were outstanding!!!


Additional Production Notes: In another thread, we demonstrate different tools used to apply ML Precious Metals. ML most recently introduced her own roller cover designed for use with her "metallic paint."


Finally: Several other threads discuss various techniques and tools to attain different faux finishes. We even demo using the spiky end of a pineapple as a faux tool in one video.


Above all else Sue, take time to produce a demo board so you can "see" your how your application tools work before you begin the full project!

Posted 2012-04-19T14:28:14+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Just an FYI, you can use liquid fabric softener in place of buying expensive glazes from the paint department. When I heard about this, I tried it and it worked great!
Posted 2013-06-27T07:56:00+0000  by Amaahfuz

Thanks for the DIY tip Amaahfuz!


Like all other tips, I would like to see photos and read more detail about your dilution and application techniques.


These details will help other Community Members verify and gain confidence in the technique before starting their project.


As always, I recommend DIYers use a sample board to test new techniques before executing their full project.


Again, thanks for sharing and we look forward to seeing photos.

Posted 2013-06-27T13:23:08+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
I no longer live in the house where I can take pictures. Can you tell me how to post pics on here?
The liquid fabric softener is used in the very same ratio as you would use a store bought glaze. Give it a try. The wall is still washable.
Posted 2013-06-27T15:30:21+0000  by Amaahfuz

Thanks for the details Amaahfuz!


Absolutely, click the link to jump to a thread where picture posting instructions are discussed.

Posted 2013-06-27T15:38:12+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Thank you for the link. I would love to post pics of the tile that we put up around our newly installed tub. I used Martha Living on some decorative porous tiles & sealed them with Valspar brand clear satin sealer.
Posted 2013-06-27T15:47:02+0000  by Amaahfuz
I think the reason I could not figure out how to post on here is because I am on my phone & so are the pics. It may not be possible to post pics in the Forum from my phone.
Posted 2013-06-27T15:50:50+0000  by Amaahfuz

Hello Amaahfuz!


I'm so sorry you are having trouble! Allow me to show you how to attach pictures from your mobile device. The pictures I'm showing you are from an iPad, so it may look a little different if you are not using an Apple product.


When you do a new post from a mobile device it will look like this:


Mobile screen shot



What you will need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the line that says Version: Mobile | Full. Select Full.   




Full screen shot


When you do this, it will change the look of the community. From here you can select Choose File and then select the picture or pictures that you would like to attach to the post. This will not post in the body of the post, it will open in a separate window.


If you have any more questions, please let us know! We look forward to seeing your pictures!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-07-01T15:53:33+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
Thank you...I will try it!
Posted 2013-07-01T20:02:03+0000  by Amaahfuz
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