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Add a one-story room/den to two story pier and beam house in Texas

I would like to add a den workspace to my house at the least possible expense. Access would be through a doorway created where a window now hangs. The room would take work desks from two rooms into the den and allow for more living room furniture to go in the living room. What would my main concerns be, in addition to spacing and placing piers and attaching the flooring, walls and roofing? 


Can I do and/or oversee this myself or do I need a contractor?



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Posted 2011-06-19T00:50:25+0000  by velocap velocap

Greetings Velocap!


Velocap it is hard to accurately tell what all of your concerns may be.


Depending on the size of the den you where thinking on building different concerns may arise before and during construction. Room additions rarely ever go planned; whatever you budget is count on spending 30 % more; I guess that would be one of the first concerns you should count on.

Second is disturbing exterior walls; enlarging opening and adding a ledger for the new structure.

Enlarging opening would require new adequate supports for that opening (headers) these would have to be designed by the qualified profession and comply with local codes.

Ledger (if approved) would have to be attached to the structural members and that would involve removing existing sheathing at that section.

Exterior siding (veneer) would have to be removed inside the new den and new walls would have to be properly adjoined to the existing ones, which would require sheathing to be removed inside the perimeters of the den walls.

New electrical / HVAC mechanicals would have to be installed /re altered.

I’m not sure what your background is but this to me sounds like something that would require respectful amount of knowledge and experience in construction.

Finally take some sort of drawing to your local building department, they’ll give you some general ideas what would it take to build this structure.


Hope this helps and welcome to the community.



Posted 2011-06-20T17:04:18+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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