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Add light nutrients to your lawn without the danger of burning your lawn

To keep your lawn green, another alternative to using the chemical lawn fertilizers is the Organic Fertilizer.  This can come in the pelletized form such as Solid Green, Milorganite, Scotts Natural Lawn Food, Kellogg Garden Organics Lawn Food, Ironinte and Alaska All Purpose Fish Emulsion in the hose end sprayer, just to name a few.  

These choices will be different in your local Home Depot, depending on your location. 

Some items may only be available on line.

These are easy to use products that will help to green up your lawn without the danger of burning it.  One thing to remember whenever you are adding any nutrient to your lawn is that a hydrated lawn is a healthy lawn.  

Take the time to give your lawn a good watering the morning of your organic nutrient application.  Water is the key and essential ingredient in greening up your lawn.  Without water, the granular organics will not be activated and will not be able to percolate down into the soil to reach the root system of your grass.  

Water is your key ingredient.  Water will carry the nutrients to the root system.  Even in a water restricted environment like we have here in Southern California, smart watering can still give you a nice green yard.


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