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Adding a Pantry to the kitchen

We currently have an upper/lower cabinet on the garage wall of our kitchen that is so shallow it sits empty (10"). On the garage side of this wall there is a concrete stoop about 3' deep- can we knock out the cabinets, demo a portion of this wall and create a small pantry that protrudes into the garage? I appreciate any help/suggestions!!
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Posted 2011-09-02T01:41:43+0000  by TarAwarren TarAwarren

Make sure the wall you want to demo is not a structural support wall.  If it is, there's a bit of work to do to support the roof before you can cut through the wall.  If not, it should be a good project to work on for more storage!

Posted 2011-09-02T02:32:36+0000  by artistannie

Hello TarAwarren and thanks for joining the discussions on The Community.  We are glad that you are here. 


Artistannie is correct – be sure to check that this is not a structural wall.  I have two scenarios for you - the first plan keeps your current arrangement and creates a pantry.  The second plan gives more ideas if you can change the wall.


Plan A


If the wall is structural and you want to use the space without changing it, consider carefully removing the cabinets and using wire storage to create a pantry.  This will allow better use of your space and you will be able to see what you have available in the pantry.   Our free online resource allows you to design your system and create a SKU shopping list to take to the store.  There are installation instructions and videos to show how to install your newly created pantry.


pantry.jpg      ShelfTrack_Right_Image.jpg


Select close mesh shelving for the pantry since the wires are spaced close together than those for closet shelves.  Boxes, cans, and jars will not tip over or slide through. 


garage ceiling storage.jpg       plastic shelving.jpg


You may be able to store additional items in the garage on a ceiling-mounted storage unit or on a plastic shelving unit.   The ceiling mount unit is made of steel for durability and can hold up to 250 pounds.  This would be great for paper goods, garbage bags and lesser used, non-breakable items often stored in a pantry.  (Be sure that you have enough clearance for the garage door opener.)  Canned goods could be stored on a plastic garage shelving unit.




Plan B


If the wall is not a structural wall, then reclaim that space and consider more substantial options for creating a larger pantry.  Wire or laminate shelves are a great idea.   


puck 1.jpg         tap puck 2.jpg


If you need additional lighting and no electrical outlets are present, consider adding an overhead light, tap, or puck lights.  Check out the undercabinet lighting section at your store for more possibilities to provide light into this space. 


door.jpg folding.jpg    bifold door.jpg


If space allows, add a door – consider a folding or set of bifolds with louvers for easiest access.




Don’t forget to allow a space for a dry erase, chalk board, or notepad to keep a running list of needed items for your next shopping trip!  You can even create your own activity center


Best wishes and please keep us posted on your project.  We would love to see photos of your pantry – before and after – to see how great your project turned out!





Posted 2011-09-02T14:30:57+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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