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Adding a laundry room

Would it be expensive/hard to add a small exterior laundry room? somehting very simple. could this be a do it yourself for my husband and i?

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Posted 2011-09-12T13:37:12+0000  by MrsBailey0416 MrsBailey0416

Expensive and hard are two relative terms. If you have never built anything larger than a chair, then it might me quite a task. The expensive side of the question only you can answer. You can search the web for adding an addition to your house, you can visit the local library (the reference librarian can help you locate books on the subject. BTW, they're a great resource that you pay for through your tax dollars, so reap the benefits, put them to use), you can check out the book and magazine selection at your local THD. Those are the places I would start. Next, don't look at just one source. Try to find multiple sources and see what the common points are between them, see what the differences are, then start asking questions. You will also what to see what kind of permits are required for you local municipality.


Once you have some knowledge under your belt, you'll have to start planning. Where are the water lines? Where is the electrical service, how much more do I have to  add to my panel. Is it just going to be a room conversion, or are you going to add additional structure to your home? What about the roof line, foundation, drainage, etc?


While you may decide that you want to build the project, you may also decide that certain parts like the electrical and plumbing are best left to professionals. If you go that route, get at least three quotes and ask for references. Call and check the references, ask questions such as if they clean up after themselves, how quickly do they respond to problems, how much of a deposit do they expect, would they have them do more work, etc. Write down whatever questions you come up with so you won't forget to ask.


If you have someone do certain parts of the job, ask about working with them doing the manual labor parts of their job to help lessen the cost of the work. Some will welcome it, others will say no. Also ask what you will need to do to get ready for them, flesh out what is called a scope of work. What you expect, what they expect and the final outcome. You will also need to come up with a timeline and may need to coordinate between a couple of contractors..


Hope this helps getting you started.

Posted 2011-09-13T20:20:43+0000  by Paul
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