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Adding drop ceiling to garage?

The room and especially the walk in closet above the garage gets very cold in the winter.   Would it be better to add insulation and a drop ceiling to the garage or add another vent in the walk in closet?  What would be the permanent solution for this? Thanks!

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Posted 2013-01-04T02:58:29+0000  by rds80 rds80

Hi rds80,


It could be a combination of things that need to be done around the garage ceiling. 9 out 10 times is the insufficient insulation that is causing the problem. Heating supply pipes (ductwork)dedicated to the room are placed in the same ceiling and typically not insulated.


First I would recommend inspecting and evaluating garage ceilings ... how much room you've got and if it’s insulated properly.

If it needs to be insulated you probably better off taking the ceiling down and reinsulating the whole thing including ductwork. With drop ceiling you could have issues with garage door and overhead clearance.


Second ask the HVAC guy if the furnace is sized properly and if it can handle another take off. Or post back here with system info such is square footage, unit location, total unit BTUs, number of supplies, number of returns, size of the supply trunk, size of the return trunk, and CFM flow at the bedroom register.

You can test the flow around the house with one of these relatively inexpensive (vs service call) Air Flow Meters.



You need 1 cfm per 1 -1.25 square foot of living space. So if the room is 150 square feet total flow from the registers in that same should be around 150 cfms.


Also your garage door should be insulated...if it’s not; you can change that this weekend with one of these garage door insulation kits.


Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any further questions you may have.







Posted 2013-01-14T19:47:40+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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