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Adding new electrical circuit to old two wire system

I would like to add a new electrical circuit to my main electrical panel of my old two wire system installed in the 1940's. The rest of the circuits are Bx (I think) but definitely are two wires run through conduct. I would like to install some recessed light in my bathroom, and think I have everything figured out except how to wire things in the main panel. The system does not appear to be grounded, so I do not know what to do with the grounding wire in my new circuit. Thanks in advance for the input.

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Posted 2013-01-03T06:28:53+0000  by Sfrank Sfrank

Hey Sfrank. 


When my mother moved into an older house I saw that the outlets were not grounded. The next thing I did was checked to see if her panel was grounded. Even though hers was and yours is not, the approach will be similar.


You can run the wires in the panel just as they are like the other circuits in the panel, just you are going to attach your ground wire (bare copper) to the bar where the white wire is connected. From there you will just connect the white to white and the black to black and copper to the ground on the light fixtures.


If in doubt I might recommend hiring a licensed electrician to do this. Otherwise be sure to kill power to the panel and any circuits and use insulated tools when working with electricity.

Posted 2013-01-03T20:10:38+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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