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Adding the Paint Information to the receipt

We painted the living, dining room and the hallway with a paint color in 2013.  We are getting some renovations done to the dining room and kitchen and need to match the dining room area color to the kitchen. Also, hallway touch ups.  I have my receipt for the purchase of the paint but not the color.  I went to the store and called the custom care - NO one can help, they all say I need the paint can lid to get the color.  So, I pulled up old pictures of the color and tried the Behr color match app a complete FAIL. 

Suggestion: If you put the information on the paint can lid, can this information be entered into a database or captured on the receipt.
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Posted 2016-07-11T22:05:02+0000  by DONTA DONTA


The information on those paint labels are stored for 5 years in the Home Depot data base, however, it is not cross referenced to your name/phone number unless you request it to be added to the data base at the time of paint purchase at the paint desk.

More and more, customers are taking photos on their smart phones and storing it for future use or transferring it to their own personal computer data bases. The information on that sticker assures that an exact duplicate of the original paint can be made.

Alas, that is water under the bridge for your present situation.

If You can bring in a dime sized sample of the wall color, the HD paint computers can analyze the color and generate a new paint formula to closely match your original paint. Usually, a small sample can be cut from the drywall at an inconspicuous spot. Sometimes things such as electrical outlet covers or wall vents are painted to match the walls and make good samples.
Posted 2016-07-12T04:00:04+0000  by ordjen
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