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Adding to an existing metal conduit branch circuit

Is it acceptable to add new fixtures to an existing circuit made up of metal conduit and a neutral and hot wire (conduit is being used as ground) using non metallic cable or would I be required to continue with metal clad conduit when extending the circuit?  This is in a single family home.
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Posted 2018-04-03T20:04:51+0000  by mikeja mikeja
Hello mikeja.  Welcome to the Community!

While it is possible that your home's original builder just decided to use metallic conduit rather than NM-B (Romex) cable to carry power, it is more likely that your local building codes require it.  It may be that your house pre-dates the use of cable, like mine does.  In any event, what you can use to extend circuits will depend directly on what is allowed in your area. 

Whatever you use, you will need to ensure that a ground is carried throughout the circuit.  If you use EMT or ridgid conduit, then it can carry the ground just like the rest of you home is set up.  In my area of suburban Chicago, flexible metal conduit can only be used for runs of 6 feet or less.

What I would do is contact your local electrical building inspector and simply ask what is required where you live.  Every town and county can have its own rules that go beyond what the National Electrical Code requires, and often do.  That is why I can't directly answer your question unless you live just down the road from me.



Posted 2018-04-06T15:05:02+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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