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Advice: Installing Interior Door into Non-Standard Frame



I'm a first time home owner, and need to install an interior door into a door frame of non-standard size. The frame is in a hallway that has not previously had a door hung in it. Any tips on how to install, or order a non-standard sized door, would be greatly appreciated. 




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Posted 2013-03-18T21:22:33+0000  by HeatherB HeatherB

Hi Heather,


From your description it sounds like you have a passageway, which you now want to close off with a door.


The best and least expensive solution is to order a standard size door of 30, 32 or 36 inches in width and build in the wall to accept the door.


Framing in the opening is quite simple, and will cost much less than a custom made door.


Another option might be a sliding or pocket door, which is built into the wall. This will require some modification of the wall, but the end result can be quite effective and useful.


You can order a custom door for this opening; just take measurements of the height of the opening at both sides and the middle and the width at three points top, middle and bottom.


Take you measurements to your local Home Depot and the Millworks specialists will give you a quote on the cost of a customer made door.


I have included a project guide on framing for a prehung door below.


Send us some photos of the finished project.



Posted 2013-03-18T22:28:07+0000  by Mike_HD_OC


Another option might be the addition of a sliding door using external"barn door" like hardware.This of course demands that sufficient wallspace is available for the door to clear. I've seen these type doorts in many decorating magazines, usually in trendy loft type housing. The hardware is just left exposed, although I have seen cornices built over the track to conceal it too.

Posted 2013-03-19T00:24:25+0000  by ordjen
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