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Advice for building a footpath

I'm planning on laying a footpath with either pavers, flagstone, or something similar. This is a private path, so wouldn't be used heavily. Also, this is on a barrier island on the east coast. The "soil" is mostly sand, however it is not subject to the ocean waves, and not really that exposed to wind. I wasn't planning on laying gravel or anything underneath, just laying the stone directly on the sand, and maybe digging a few inches down depending on the thickness of the stone.


Does this sound like a good approach? If I keep them raised a bit, I don't think they will get buried or really move too much. Is this something I should be worried about? Anything else I should consider? Would love any details about how to do this that a beginner might miss. Thanks.

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Posted 2013-06-29T16:07:56+0000  by arsk arsk

Hey arsk,


Thanks for question and welcome to the community!


Due to area where you live, you can essentially skip the step of using paver sand for the base. However, you'll need to consider proper drainage for your tiles and proper maintenance so the tiles don't shift and get loose over time.


If the sand shifts around constantly (dune environment), then you will need to place a heavier material like crushed rock as a foundation. Measure out the area you need and pick out the stones you'd like as a path. This will give you the right amount of materials without too much waste.


If the sand moves around a bit, I would opt for the crushed stone after digging a few inches to place them in. You can also place the old sand on top in between the pavers as well.


Our project guide for getting started on paver can be accessed by clicking below. Its part of a video series that goes very in-depth about this kind of project.


Brick pavers are easy to install


Let us know if you need any further information,



Posted 2013-06-29T17:23:49+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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