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Aerating you lawn: Machine VS. Man!

Aerating your lawn: Machine VS Man!


Aerating your lawn, I make this comment several times a several times a week when I have customers ask questions about their lawn turning yellow.  Many people do not understand the concept of aeration.  This can be done on a small scale using just a Tilling fork:


                                           Tiling Digging Fork3.jpg


Or, if you have a very large area, it would be more time efficient to use an aerating machine which is available at most of The Home Depot Tool Rental Stores.


                                               Aerator @ Tool Rental.jpg


This walk behind model is easy to use.  It has 3 inch long hollow metal spikes that poke holes into your lawn.  You may have seen a larger version of this type of machine used in parks or on other city property.


Aerating is beneficial because it allows air, water and fertilizer to percolate into the ground, down to the root system.  When a lawn or area around your fruit tree has soil that has become “compacted”, water and fertilizer will not penetrate this area, until you take steps to change this condition.  The water will flow horizontally, away from the desired area and usually flow onto the sidewalk or driveway or flow over the curb onto the street.  Last time I checked, the curb area did not need  any watering to survive!!


When you are watering your lawn or your fruit tree, the watering is only beneficial if the water reaches the root system of the plant.  Soil that has become compacted will cause the water flow horizontally rather than flow down vertically to the root system.  Remember, that for your fruit tree or other ornamental trees, the area you want to aerate is at the drip line, which is at the end of the branches.




This will also be the area where you will water and fertilize your trees.  If your tree is surrounded my bricks or concrete, you will have a challenge that will need to be met in order to properly care for your tree.  Most of you will probably only need to use the tilling fork to accomplish this task, but if you decide it worth the time and effort to do your whole lawn, or you have several trees that are in need of some extra care, try the walk behind Aerating Machine.  Besides, it is a good excuse to use some manly machinery!!!


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Posted 2011-09-09T18:20:29+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC

what is the rate to rent the walk behind aerator?

Posted 2011-09-16T01:54:05+0000  by thankful58

Hey there thankful58, and welcome to the community. Rental rates and availability do vary by area, in order to check the pricing please follow the link to Home Depot Tool Rental, and enter your zip code at the top of the page to find a rental center near you.


You will need to call the local rental center to confirm that they do have an aerator to rent, and the pricing. 


I hope this helps thankful58, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!



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