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Affordable Home Automation Lighting Products

Living in a modern world comes with conveniences that shouldn't come with a steep price. 

One of the biggest factors people dislike about home automation is the high up front costs. 

In this post, I'll go over a few affordable lighting systems that won't break the bank (under $50) and work effectively to get the best control you want. 

All of these products are available at your local store and/or online. More control means more energy savings, which means these devices can easily pay for themselves over their lifespan.

Be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer before purchasing, as most will require a hub and specific app to operate it, sold separately.

CREE Connected 60 Watt Equivalent Soft White A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

For any home automation system to work, you'll first need a hub system. For this particular light bulb by CREE, this works on either Wink or the ZigBee systems. Once you have this system, then app can easily control and manage your lights wherever they are installed.

For the price and quality you get, this is definitely one of the best bulbs we sell that gives you control all in the palm of your hand with your smart phone or tablet.

GE Link LED Light Bulbs and Hub Starter Kit

This start up kit by GE gives the same amount of light as the previously mentioned CREE version, except that this comes with a hub. This means you don't have to have a pre-existing one for it to operate, saving you money. 

And just like other LED light bulbs, these are extremely efficient with their low operating costs (about $1.45 a year).

Commercial Electric 5 and 6 Inch Smart LED Recessed Down Light

For your recessed lights, consider using this great lighting system. Not only will you get a long lasting and easily controllable lighting system, you will also get 3 colors of lighting at your fingertips. 

And just like their light bulb counterparts, they are energy efficient and fully dimmable.

Decora Z-Wave 15Amp Dimmer Switch

Having controlled lighting through your smart device isn't just relegated to light bulbs alone. Take this Z-wave dimmer shown and linked above. This means you don't have to change out all of your light bulbs, just the dimmer that controls them.

It works on low as well as line voltage applications, and can go up 1800 watts of control on incandescent that to 600 watts for the older style of dimmers.

This device must be used with a hub system like Wink for it to work. To find out more information about the Wink hub, please click here.

WeMo Switch

This was the very first home automation product that was sold in my store here in Atlanta, and its been a perennial favorite ever since.

The WeMo Switch acts as a middle man from anything you'd like to plug into it and the outlet, giving you control from your smart device. as shown below.

In short, The Home Depot has affordable solutions for getting the right home automation for your lighting. Stop by your local store today to find out more information.

Once you have your lighting controlled, consider other home automation systems. These can range from door locks to thermostats. In fact, to view all of your choices, please click here for more information.


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