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Air Compressor

Is there a certain compressor that is used for airbrushing and painting with a spray gun

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Posted 2013-11-08T19:17:40+0000  by ruizj2397 ruizj2397




The capacity of the air compressor neccessary is determined by the demands of the spray gun or device being used. You will want to check with the manufacturer for cfm or cubic feet per minute rating of the spray gun or tool. Spray guns generarally require several cfm in order to keep the trigger open and operating properly. The compressor must also be able to supply the required pressure at the rated cfm.


An air brush does not require much pressure or air flow, so even a small "pancake" type compressor would be adequate. A too small compressor might be usuable with a  spray gun, but you would be constantly waiting for the unit to catch up with the demand and store reserve air in the tank. This would be annoying in the least. Better over capacity than under capacity!


As an example, A typical "Husky" siphon feed spray gun at Home Depot requires about 45 pounds of air pressure at 4 cubic feet per minute. The small pancake type compressors will not deliver enough air flow. The larger portable units will.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-08T22:17:26+0000  by ordjen
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