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Air Conditioner Filter

How do I install an air conditioner filter or when should filter be changed?
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Posted 2016-07-23T22:14:13+0000  by Bing Bing
It's important to change the filter regularly as the filter helps keep the air clean and dirty filter can effect the efficiency of the unit.  How often is a function of the type of filter and how dusty your home is.  For the cheapest filters, they can be changed as often as every month for more expensive filters (especially the thick ones with deep pleats) upwards of 5-6 months.  It's also very important to get the correct size.  Too small and not all the air will be filtered, too large and it won't fit.

As for where the filter is located, they are usually in the bottom half of the furnace unit or sometimes in the air return ductwork adjacent to furnace at the bottom.  Depending on the furnace they can just sit on on shelf, slide into a slot, or have large "clip" hold them in place.  And sometimes it's behind a grill plate in the ceiling or wall.

When you do change the filter, it will have an arrow indicating the direction of air flow.  It's important to get that right.  When I change a filter I write a date on the filter so I know when it was changed last.  You may also want to write that on a calendar or use the reminder function of your smartphone.

Posted 2016-07-24T10:18:31+0000  by Adam444
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