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Air Filter size for furnace

Hello. With the sudden passing of my dad I am having to help my mom out with things around the house now. Anyway I am looking at 13x19x3/4 filter that's currently installed. I am having trouble finding that size, but I find 14x20x1 sizes a lot. I suppose that wouldn't fit? Where would I find 13x19x3/4?

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Posted 2011-01-04T23:19:47+0000  by Jaime Jaime

Good morning, Jamie, Ray the Hammer with the good news, bad news answer. Home Depot does not offer that size filter in the stores, I called and had one of my fellow associates go and look, so there is the bad news. The good news is that you have several options, so here goes...

Home Depot sells a "cut to fit" filter that will work for you, however it does not offer the highest level of filtration and does not work for fine particulates... pet hair , yes, allergens, no. Frequent changing would be necessary if you go this route.

Or, you could go into the store and look at the special order catalogue for filters. You can special order filters this way, but they only come in quantities of 12. A 13 x 21 or 22 is available, but all thicknesses are one inch. Now if your filter slides in length-wise, you will be o. k. if  some hangs out on the end..I had to do this at my old house because I needed an odd size filter too, and this was never a problem.

Although cutting the higher quality filters isn't recommended, if it slides in width-wise, you may need to get out some snips and perform a little surgery on said filter.

All this being said, you can simply buy the 14 x 20 x 1 and see if it fits... my gut says it will, but if it doesn't you can return it with absolutely no problem. I think that the numbers on your filter are from the manufacturer, and could be a little misleading.

Speaking of the manufacturer, If none of this works, it is entirely possible that you may need to go to them for a filter, because they may have a priority size in order to keep you coming to them... hey, it happens.

Well, there's my take on the situation, and I hope this helps.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad, so look after your mom, and if you need any more help, we are here for you.

Let me know if this helps, and welcome to the community.

The Hammer

Best Answer

Posted 2011-01-05T13:09:31+0000  by TheHammer

Thanks. I got a 3M Filtrete 14x20 and it fits perfect. Only thing I notice (as with the old filter) its not a tight. (air tight) fit around the edge. So there is very small space around the filter for air to go through but any tighter fit I know it would make it to difficult to remove/install.


Thanks again and I will be asking for tips from here again! :smileyhappy:

Posted 2011-01-07T22:37:19+0000  by Jaime
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