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Airconditioning BTUs

How do I calculate the necessary BTUs for a room 11X18 with two open doorways (one to the kitchen and the other to the bedroom)and 4 windows, 2 on the west side facing 2 on the east side with two people occupying the room?
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Posted 2015-07-19T22:53:24+0000  by AnnaMaria AnnaMaria
Hi AnnaMaria,

Click here for the formula recommended by the Department of Energy for determining the BTU requirements for any room in your home.


Posted 2015-07-20T19:26:07+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello AnnaMaria.  Welcome to the Community!

One thing that makes this calculation very difficult is the doorways.  Open doorways mean that you will have to include the adjacent rooms in your BTU estimate.  In addition, fans will likely be needed to get the cool air from one room into the others.  The size air conditioner you will need grows greatly when trying to cool multiple rooms.


Posted 2015-07-23T16:02:21+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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