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Allur Flooring Issue

I removed ceramic tile, and laid allure flooring. Now the nails from the subfloor that are nailed into the beams are lifting. When I prepped the floor, I made sure every nail was punched down. They are starting to crack the allure flooring.

I spent a lot of time prepping the floor, to make sure I did not run into any issues.

I purchased a punch kit and adhesive, but that doesn't work well. I also purchase pliers to pull the nail from underneath, but I can't get to the nails in the beams. Suggestions?

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Posted 2017-02-24T19:57:47+0000  by camdyn camdyn
If you are having problems with nails popping then the solution is to replace them with screws.  Use either gold "construction" screws or deck screws about 2½" long.   Don't use drywall screws.

Whomever built the house may have occasionally  missed the joist when nailing the subfloor but it shouldn't have happened that often.  Joists are typically 16" on center (meaning the center of one joist is 16" from the center of the other joist.  You may have to drill a small hole in the subfloor and use something like a metal coat hanger to feel around to find the joist.  Once you have the joists located, then draw lines to identify where you want to drive your screws.  Drive the screw about an 1" away from a loose nail.  That should pull the subfloor tight to the joist, making it easier to pull the old nail. 

Posted 2017-02-25T11:55:40+0000  by Adam444
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