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Allure Flooring safety

I'm ready to install this flooring in a small townhouse. I have two pets -- a cat and a dog -- that I love dearly. Both are small and close to the ground and, potentially, the fumes from this product.


I'm worried about the off-gassing odor of vinyl and am concerned that I should not install it until after winter when I can open the windows and let air flow through the house. I read the safety PDF that is on the product's page on this site and it says something about severe sensitivities for animals, though I'm not sure if this means in general or only if something goes wrong with the product. I also don't want my home to smell like a Firestone store and I'm worried about that. 


I am ready to go with it if it is safe. I plan to do everything but the stairs and landings with this product in a 1,400 sq. ft. home. Advice? Information? TrafficMaster's website doesn't even have information about this product, so it's no help.

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Posted 2010-11-18T19:08:44+0000  by ldpwv ldpwv

Hey there reneerose242000,


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Sorry about the delay on the response and I apologize that the information in this thread hasn't calmed your concerns on this flooring. Unfortunately the issue of chemicals and off-gassing has been a popular issue with this flooring, so we have dealt with it before between myself and other fellow Flooring expert Joseph_HD_ATL


In addition to the information seen on here, we have also accumulated more information for users within another topic, Allure Ultra Resilient Plank Flooring. Clicking on that link will bring you directly to the discussion in question in which Joe addresses this issue further. For the sake of making this information more well known, I will copy his responses into this topic here:


Joseph_HD_ATL wrote:

We've had this question come up a few times on the community regarding both Allure and Allure Ultra off-gassing. 2 of our experts on here 





In the post that HD116 responded to a similar question posted about the smell of Allure Ultra after being put down he writes:


"To properly address your concerns, I contacted Halstead Intl. directly and was sent a few things to share with you and other members of the community. First, the product is LEED EQ 4.1 compliant for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well as 4.1 - 4.2 for recycled content. They also meet other California, Canadian, European and Global environmental standards. They also meet the Indoor Air Quality of Floor Score, an industry standard, with Certification SCS-EC10.2-2007."


In both posts, they've done their research and came up with some useful information I'd like to pass onto you for further review...


To address your concerns regarding Allure Ultra, I took the liberty to call Halstead myself and spoke to 2 representatives named Regina and Yvette. Both were most helpful in emailing me several key documents that I would like to share with you. I will be posting these in .jpeg form, but if you would like to receive your own copy via email they can be reached at 1-866-843-8453, which is how I got them. Or you can give me a personal message here and I'll be more than happy to share them with you.


Yvette told me that the building she is working in has Allure flooring systems throughout their complex is Gold-level LEED certified. I  thought that was an interesting tidbit to know. 


For an indoor air quality certification, below is a copy of it so you can view it yourself.  This was performed by Scientific Certification Systems. The actual manufacturer of Allure Ultra is by Vertex Service Limited, then shipped by Halstead, Intl. Hence the company name shown below...

Vertex Services Limited Certification System

The next document concerns what states that Allure itself does NOT give off off-gases, according to another document they emailed to me.


From the research I have previously done, I have seen there was little to no off-gassing, but from calling Halstead directly they assured me there was no off-gassing. Why? Because the planks are already dried in a solid state, therefore no gassing is present, according to Yvette.


This one concerns the ingredients that make up Allure Ultra. Here it is shown below...

Allure Ingredients


Since you read the MSDS sheet, I won't post that but I did receive a black and white copy of all the LEED and additional certifications they carry. Remember that the manufacturer is Vertex Services Limited as well as Halstead. 

Allure LEED Certification


The branch of government that makes the call for LEED certifications and certified products, the U.S. Green Building Council has a website as well as a toll-free number to call if you would like to contact them specifically for Allure Ultra being LEED certified.


Please refer to the links below to find out more info:


LEED Projects and Certified Project Directory Website


U.S. Green Building Council phone number: 1-800-795-1747


I hope that this information helps you feel a bit more at easy about your new move and gives you a sense of confidence and security with your flooring.


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reply back and we'd be more than happy to assist!~ = )

Posted 2013-04-05T20:50:57+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
Saturday, January 09, 2016

Dear Discussion Group Participants:

We have a Client with similar odour / health concerns after installing "Allure Red Cherry Resilient Vinyl Floor" in their rec-room.

They have installed the flooring back in February 2012 and not able to resolve their complaint. The flooring was imported from China by Halstead British Columbia Inc., and distributed by Home Depot and all.  Testing reveals that VOC's continue to to be emitted by this flooring material two-years after the initial installation.  Not sure what to make of it...

Any leads and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated at this point.


Andrew Cutz, CIH, FAIHA
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Email:  andrewcutz at  /  627788 at
Posted 2016-01-09T17:31:51+0000  by cutza
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